Finntastic Tours Policy Information


Ticket Policy:  Tickets will be provided to the customers upon boarding the bus on the day of the event.  Once tickets are received, Finntastic Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets. 

If tickets are requested in advance of departure date, Finntastic Tours is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged tickets once received or due to transit services (USPS, FedEx, and UPS).


Payment Policy: All sales are final, and trips must be paid in full within 30 days of the event. 

Deposits will not be accepted if event is within 30 days.  All deposits are non-refundable.  If final payment is not received by the due date, the card on file will be charged the remaining balance and will NOT be refunded if the trip is gone unused.  No money will be refunded.  Only if your ticket is resold, reimbursement will be in the form of store credit for a future trip, however, Finntastic Tours does not guarantee the resale of your seat.  There will also be a $25 fee if your seat is refunded which will be deducted from the reimbursement.  All Finntastic Tour inventory will be sold before reselling seats.  All cancellations must be made in writing by the person who made the reservation, and will not be effective until received by Finntastic Tours. 

If a check is received as a form of payment and the check is returned for insufficient funds, Finntastic Tours reserves the right to cancel the reservation at that time and the customer is subject to an additional fee of $30.


Cancellation/Reschedule Policy:  If Finntastic Tours cancels a trip for any reason, full refund will be given.

Finntastic Tours cannot be held responsible for cancellations or rescheduled events by the venue.

If a trip is cancelled, you must return the tickets to our office within 14 days of the cancelled event for in-store credit.

If a trip is postponed by the venue, no refund will be given and Finntastic Tours will run the trip on the rescheduled date.


Itinerary Policy: Finntastic Tours reserves the right to change or alter any itineraries at any time.  Itineraries will be available on our website.  It is the customer’s responsibility to check the itinerary for departure times and report to the pickup location by the designated time.  The bus(es) will leave promptly, please arrive 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time.  It is the customer’s responsibility to find alternate transportation if the departure time is missed. Finntastic Tours is not responsible for customers not reporting back to the bust at scheduled time or finding alternate transportation back if departure time is missed.


Tailgating Policy: Finntastic Tours reserves the right to alter tailgate times due to inclement weather or other circumstances before or after the event.  Alcohol consumption is at your own will.  Finntastic Tours is not responsible if a customer is denied access to the event if they are under the influence.

Bus Policy:  There is no smoking permitted on the bus.  Alcoholic beverages are permitted on the bus, however, cans and plastic only.  All passengers must be 21 years of age to carry or consume alcohol.  Small coolers are permitted, but must be kept out of the aisle for safety concerns.  Larger items may be stowed in the rear storage compartment.


Lost and Found: Finntastic Tours is not responsible for any personal belongings that are lost, stolen, or left on the bus.  You may contact us to see if it has been turned in to the driver.  All personal items brought on board or stowed in the storage compartment must be removed by the customer at the end of the trip.


Travel Policy: Finntastic Tours cannot be held responsible for injuries that occur on the trip or the actions of customers traveling.  We do not tolerate offensive behavior or language from any customer.  If there is a situation, it must be reported immediately to the bus driver to be handled.  The driver and


Finntastic Tours reserves the right to refuse to transport any person under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or whose conduct is such as to make them offensive to other passengers.


Finntastic Tours is not responsible for the actions concerning hotels, brokers, bus companies, etc.  We are not responsible for delays, inclement weather, bus breakdowns, cancellations, and postponements.

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